Building your client’s brand awareness is more than just widening their audience but showing them that you believe in them as well! One of the best ways to ensure that your clients know just how much you appreciate them is to become their biggest fan. I mean, seriously, show them that you are rooting for them in true fangirl (or boy) style! 

Being your client’s biggest fan is simpler and more effective than you think. If your client posts ANYTHING on social media, make sure to like, no LOVE, their post. Comment emphatically and let them know that you see them and are rooting for them! Reshare their post on your social media platforms to help them reach potential new audiences and brag about their accomplishments.

When my clients are featured in the media, even if it is not a result of my PR services, I am liking, sharing, and commenting on their pages. Why not?! I want to see my clients win, so I make it clear that I am excited to see them get the notoriety they deserve. 

brand loyalty leads to more referrals
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Let’s face it, a win for them is a HUGE win for your organization. If they are successful, they are more likely to buy your products and services, so it is truly a win-win for all.  

Benefits of being obsessed with your clients:

  • It strengthens the relationship and builds trust – it is a great way to show them that you are thinking about them and believe in them and are not just trying to sell them more stuff.
  • It keeps your name top of mind – those referrals will be rolling in because you are always in their inbox and all over their social media notifications which help to further your own brand’s awareness and building a positive brand identity.
  • It builds engagement on their post – the algorithms for both social media and google will yield favorable results, and again the more you help them raise awareness for their brand, the more money they can spend with your business in the future. 

And this tactic doesn’t just work on social media – you do have their email addresses, right? Send them a congratulatory note (it takes you all of 45 seconds to shout them out for a recent accomplishment), and it cost you absolutely nothing to do so. 

Becoming your client’s biggest fan is an easy skill to add to your toolkit that benefits both you and your clients, but there’s a right and wrong way to do it. 

Words of Caution:

  • Don’t be fake – be genuinely excited to see them living out their dreams. People can see through fakeness, and that can hurt your reputation big time. Once you develop a negative reputation, it’s extremely difficult to undo the damage.
  • Do not, I repeat, do not try to sell them anything! Again, this is not about generating sales right now; this is about building a better relationship with your client base. The sales will come.
Nahamani Yisrael, Digital Branding expert.
Nahamani Yisrael, Digital Branding Expert, helps business owners create legacy brands through strategic branding practices.

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