Being your own boss and calling the shots can come with a wave of uncertainty and fear, whether a rookie entrepreneur or a seasoned vet. Nahamani Yisrael is all too familiar. She’s a digital communications expert, with years of experience helping organizations position themselves for success through planned change management, internet marketing, and strategic communication. 

While Yisrael now has a team, the majority of her work life was done as a solo entrepreneur, from project management to new business development. Rooting for yourself and finding that inner source of inspiration is not an easy feat. However, Yisrael is learning to navigate through waves of uncertainty, fear, and self-doubt in order to experience so much more. 

During a recent interview, the Cincinnati, Ohio communication vet shared some of her tactics for transitioning fear into self-assurance. Here are a few takeaways from the conversation:

Nahamani Yisrael receives support from her team

Nahamani Yisrael poses with her team after a successful in-person training session.

Keep Those Who Understand Your Vision Close

“It feels good to know that there are people out there advocating on my behalf even when I’m not present, so it allows me to stay encouraged.”

It’s important to have those around you who understand the vision. A team of advisors whether on your team or simply close friends can serve as a vital source of inspiration when you are in need of a fresh perspective or your find yourself doubting the vision. “I always tell people to nourish those relationships and reach out even when you feel like you might not need them right now. You want them to be ready and willing when you do need them.”

Don’t Get Caught Up In Vanity Metrics


“Things like likes and shares are great. They make entrepreneurs feel all warm and fuzzy, but they don’t pay the bills!” Reminds Yisrael. It’s important to take a step back and really think about why you started on your entrepreneurial journey in the first place because social media highs are fleeting. Ground yourself in the “why” of your business often to help alleviate some of the unnecessary pressure that can come with vanity metrics.


Transform Your Fear Into A Gutsy Move

“Like most human beings I’m afraid of public speaking. I can remember the first time I had to get on stage and speak in front of a very large group, but I did it and only good things came from taking the leaf and getting out of my comfort zone.”

As an entrepreneur, when we face fears such as public speaking, there’s potential to turn our fears into an arsenal to propel us forward.

Practice Mindfulness

In order to continue to move forward as an entrepreneur and fight through fear and angst, Nahamani finds it essential to take a moment and ground herself in the present. In order to find a sense of pause in her daily routine, she enjoys using a mindfulness app called Breathwrk, which provides guided breathing exercises she can easily access throughout the day. Learn more about the app here and download it on mobile: 

Speak Daily Affirmations Over Your Life

Fear shows up in all different types of ways, in our personal lives and our entrepreneurial ventures. Nahamani gives herself positive self-talk to help manifest the life she desires.

“I have an acronym for fear, which is false evidence appearing real. I have to remind myself that what I’m afraid of happening hasn’t happened and what I’m having anxiety about isn’t going to prevent anything bad from happening. It’s just going to rob me of being able to enjoy the present moment. It’s important that I remind myself that it’s all in my head. You can get through this just like you got through everything else before.” Watch Excerpt >>

Get a daily dose of inspiration by downloading Nahamani Yisrael’s affirmation cards.  Print them out and place them wherever you need a gentle boost of your positive vibrations.

Fear is a natural, biological response.  As we evolve as entrepreneurs, we must learn to transform our fears and take measurable actions that lead to our ultimate success.  If you are a business leader who is looking for help enhancing your leadership abilities, please consider signing up for a Professional Business Coaching session with Nahamani Yisrael.  Nahamani is a certified mindset coach and has helped hundreds of small business owners create a pathway to greatness.
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