All business owners face the same dilemma, how to ensure that their target customers have all of the information they need to make a purchase decision. Paid advertising and a fully-staffed sales force are expensive resources especially for business startups, smaller firms and nonprofits working on a shoestring budget. For entities looking to bridge the information gap a strong public relations strategy, an informative website and solid social media presence can make all the difference.

Seeking media coverage is a great way to get your message to the masses. Business owners who hope to succeed in shaping their public image must take the necessary steps to prepare. They have to ensure that their brand is well represented across various platforms. Also they should make an effort to show their media contacts that they value their relationship and their time. Public relations is much more than blasting out a well-written press release, ones efforts must be strategic, intentional and well thought out.

In an effort to assist your firm with making the best of these free and affordable resources, we solicited the advice of a savvy business owner who has excelled at garnering media attention, Denise Bryers.  Bryers was kind enough to share her success with our readers so that you can learn from her accomplishments and avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Denise Bryers is the founder of Bootcamp Cincinnati Personal Training and Fitness. Denise and her team offer fitness classes, personal training and wellness resources that help support individuals as well as their fitness goals. Denise has a degree in Marketing and a background in Public Relations so it is no surprise that she has had great success gaining the attention and support of media outlets in television and print.

A key strategy executed by Denise is converting journalist into brand ambassadors. Denise stresses the importance of building long-term relationships with media contacts that last long before and after the featured story is released. According to Bryers, “This starts with knowing which media outlets cover the type of story that you intend to pitch.” Although this strategy requires some upfront footwork on your part, doing the necessary research helps increase the likelihood that your pitch will be read and featured in their publication.

Bryers prepares in advance of sending her press releases out by researching the media outlet, as well as the individual journalist, getting to know their position on certain subject matters as well as getting a feel for their voice. Once she has made contact with a particular journalist, she continues to nurture the relationship by engaging with them on social media as well as in-person when applicable.

It is clear that Denise sees fitness as a lifestyle and not just a business. Her informative videos, inspirational social media post and her continued encouragement provides her followers with more than a list of services offered. They shed light on her why, why she is passionate about seeing others improve their quality of life. This insight sets Denise apart from her competition and makes it much easier for individuals to support her continued growth.