Helping Small Business Owner’s Achieve #LevelNext on Social Media

In early May, I had the opportunity to get back into the classroom after over a year of working and teaching remotely. During my #LevelNext social media marketing training, I shared an abundance of knowledge, practical tips, and tons of insights designed to help small business owners like yourself take their business’s social media accounts to the next level.

brands obtain in person training to help them level up on social media

For this in-person training class, I decided to try something new and offered the social media marketing training in two sessions. The first session served as an introductory course where we discussed creating engaging posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and using a variety of tools, many of which are free, to enhance your brand’s presence on all three platforms. The second part focused on finding and cultivating your brand’s tribe on social media, understanding algorithms, and creating and promoting events.

If you’ve ever heard me speak, you know I am BIG on engagement! I firmly believe that brands need to be engaged with their clients and audience. Authentic and genuine engagement is key to cultivating relationships and growing your brand. Social media platforms are the perfect tool to help build this engagement, but not all interaction is good. During the class, I went over the best ways to engage with your followers to start growing relationships. In addition to learning about each social media platform, attendees were able to grow their business during the in-person training by networking with one another and trading tips and tricks from their experiences.

Being back in the classroom and sharing my knowledge with others was exciting! I was even thrilled to see one of my returning students, Helen, who attended my classes in 2018 and came back to catch up on the latest and greatest in social media to expand her new business venture.

#LevelNext was an overwhelming success!

Attendees’ feedback after the event was excellent. The entire class boasted a 136% improvement with social media afterward, and 100% of the participants said they would be interested in future courses offered by Below are some of the comments we received about what attendees enjoy best.

 “[The course] was informative and I’m so happy I came. Thank you so much; it was an honor.”

“The networking aspect and live examples using the businesses of the attendees [was my favorite part].”

“I enjoyed learning tips and information I wasn’t aware of with Facebook and Instagram. I was also excited there was a presentation on Twitter and hope to dive into following the advice soon to build up my account.”

I am super appreciative of all who attended #LevelNext Social Media Bootcamp! If you missed this in-person social media marketing training, you may want to consider signing up for’s Social Media Management services or book a one-on-one coaching session with Nahamani Yisrael.

These small business owners and brand managers joined #LevelNext and are committed to using social media marketing to enhance their brand’s engagement with their key customers. Are you ready to Join #LevelNext?