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82 Marketers Explain How to Be Successful with Influencer Marketing

In June 2021, I was featured in Referral Rock’s round-up of digital marketers discussing the pros and cons of influencer marketing. In this article Nahamani Yisrael shared tips to help brands level up through strategic relationships.

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Excerpt: “The biggest advantage of using influencer marketing is that it solves the trust factor. Individuals make purchase decisions more rapidly when someone they know and trust recommends the product or service. For newly established brands, getting people to trust your business can be an expensive and challenging obstacle. Working with influencers who can share their own experiences, explain the process and educate the consumer helps make the purchasing process much less time-consuming and leads to a higher conversion rate. I have had experiences where the influencer marketing was working too well so I had to increase staffing just to handle the level of demand from the exposure.”


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February 1, 2022

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